Web Filtering Be Gone

Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, Rdio and other high quality content streaming services are changing the way we watch TV shows, listen to music and check out that movie that someone told us about. Unfortunately for us on the wrong half of the planet, these sites are often available exclusively in a small number of countries, and there’s nothing more frustrating than reading an entire blog post about a band and not being able to hear some of their tracks on Rdio. Personally, i’ve always been aware of people using VPNs and all kinds of magic to tackle this, but never had the patience to try and reach the holy grail of free high quality streaming content myself. Well, thanks to a great blogpost by Lifehacker, we now have access to an always up to date guide containing some of the best ways to access blocked content in our little desert country.

Though some of the more holistic solutions to this problem are gonna cost you, I found the Hola Unblocker browser extension surprisingly useful for catching up on that latest episode on Hulu. The extension supports all modern browsers.

The always up to date guide to streaming blocked content overseas | via Lifehacker

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