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Tab Horror Be Gone

My google trigger finger is trigger-fucking-happy. Ask me a question? I google it. In doubt? I google it. Write an iOS application from scratch? I google it. I Can’t think of the last time I used anything but a web search to know more about something, in what ever problem domain. I Honestly believe none of our experiences are unique, and someone somewhere must have had the exact same experience i’m having or expecting to have, and one of those someones somewhere must have written an amazing, info filled blogpost. I Know I would.

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Web Filtering Be Gone

Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, Rdio and other high quality content streaming services are changing the way we watch TV shows, listen to music and check out that movie that someone told us about. Unfortunately for us on the wrong half of the planet, these sites are often available exclusively in a small number of countries, and there’s nothing more frustrating than reading an entire blog post about a band and not being able to hear some of their tracks on Rdio.

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