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Learni is a social reader for schools wishing to make the transition from the old, outdated, textbook school to the New, Digital, Online based learning.

Learni offers wide variety of functions turning any existing textbook to a fully interactive book.

Students can:
– Compose their own Insights with internet links, images and video clips
– Search text in external internet resources
– Translate text
– Voice read selected text (both English and Hebrew)
– Highlight text
– Search text in textbook

Teachers teachers with:
– Full class control
– New interactive online content distribution including: text, links, images and video clips
– Class performance monitoring
– Add insights with web links, videos and images to book and share with students
– Add open or multi-choice questions, share with students and collect their answers
Learni Textbooks downloaded files are fully right protected and all of purchased textbooks as well as personal notes are securely stored online and are available for future recovery.

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